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Gibson 788200 Superflow Sft Performance Muffler

Gibson 788200 Superflow Sft Performance
Gibson 788200 Superflow Sft Performance Muffler Image 1

Gibson Performance Exhaust

Color: Aluminized
Package Quantity: 1

The Gibson 788200 Superflow - a great item made by Gibson Performance Exhaust is an awesome performance muffler. I certainly loved that the product has baffled and chambered. design. no packing to blow out. Additional features include things like increased power with unrestricted flow and lifetime limited warranty. It's dimensions are 33"H x 9"L x 9"W. It weighs just about 20 lbs. These performance mufflers comes in aluminized. The barcode for this is 677418002515. For the best price on this muffler besides other products, check out the market link on this site.

High Overall performance Universal Superflow SFT Mufflers delivers the powerful"big block"sound at the tailpipe with a lot more usable pulling power and torque! By baffling and chambering our Superflow SFT Mufflers, (not packed or screened, nothing at all to blow out) we promote better volume efficiency with unrestricted flow. Recommended for big block motors with catalytic converters. The Gibson distinction is the fact that our mufflers are quieter inside the cab than any other aftermarket muffler. Plus, the added thickness of the muffler case and heavy duty tubing, all contribute to keeping the noise inside the system. 6", 7",8"round diameter.


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