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Supreme Performance 87751 Eliminator Turbo High Performance Muffler

87751 Eliminator Turbo High Performance

Supreme Performance

Package Quantity: 1

Looking around for a muffler? See the 87751 Eliminator Turbo - a great muffler made by Supreme Performance! The part number for this is 87751. I certainly loved that it has 2. 25" offset inlet / 2. 25" center outlet. Additional features consist of length 18. 50", reduces back pressure and fully aluminized construction. If you need a great deal on this muffler, check out the add to cart button on this page.

Supreme Performance Eliminator Turbo 87751 High Performance Muffler 4. 50"x 9. 25"Offset Inlet / 2. 50"25"Center Outlet Length 18. 75"Oval 2.


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