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Lawson Industries 72468 Rush Performance Muffler

72468 Rush Performance Muffler
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Lawson Industries

Package Quantity: 1

Bar Code# 697742724686. One of the several best features for these mufflers is the maximum durability: welded inside and out. Other features include stainless steel. The warranty information supplied by Lawson Industries, is 2 year limited warranty. Best deal on 72468 Rush Performance Muffler . If you prefer a good deal on this muffler, check out our partners via the button on this page.

Rush Overall performance Mufflers are designed and tested to deliver superior performance for an unbeatable price. Feel the Power. This filling is protected from the high exhaust temperatures getting a durable stainless steel mesh wrap. They are built with high quality, heavy gauge 409 stainless steel. Every single muffler is 100 percent welded inside and out. The lap-joint seams develop a durable, air-tight seal. These large mandrel bent cores allow for maximum flow and unrestricted energy. Each muffler is packed with a premium acoustical fiber filling that creates a tuned performance sound. Rush Efficiency Mufflers feature straight-through perforated cores. Make no mistake, with Rush Efficiency Mufflers, you will get the maximum performance from your automobile. 5 inch dual outlets; 5 inch x 8 inch physique diameter; 18 inch body length; 24 inch overall length; reversible. 5 inch dual inlets; 2. The dimensions are 2.


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