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Lawson Industries 59750 Turbo Max Performance Turbo Muffler

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The 59750 Turbo Max Performance - a great muffler from Lawson Industries is a nice item for anyone who is searching to buy the latest performance muffler. One of the major features for this item is the large perforated tubes for low restriction. Additional features include things like machine locked seals, heavy gauge aluminized steel and free flowing inner pass tube. Should you need a great deal for this muffler, click on the market add to cart button.

lawson industries turbo performance muffler classic

Today's Price: $33.66
Publisher: Lawson Industries
Model: 59750
UPC: 697742597501

Product Info

Lawson Industries Turbo Max Performance Muffler functions a classic turbo muffler design. The dimensions are 2. 00 inch center outlet; 5 inch x 9 inch body diameter; 13 inch physique length; 17 inch overall length. 00 inch offset inlet; 2. It is 100 percent aluminized and has mechanically spun locked heads for a leak cost-free seal. The large, high-output perforated tubes and cost-free flowing inner-pass provide a lot more horsepower, greater gas mileage and a deep but subtle performance sound.

  • Large perforated tubes for low restriction
  • Machine locked seals
  • Increases horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency
  • Free flowing inner pass tube
  • Heavy gauge aluminized steel
  • Pack: 1
  • Package: Height: 5.2" Length: 17.3" Width: 9.5"
  • Package Weight: 8.25 lbs.

Warranty:2 year limited warranty

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