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Gibson Performance Exhaust 55114 Aluminized Superflow Universal Muffler

55114 Aluminized Superflow Universal4 Star Rating
55114 Aluminized Superflow Universal
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Go Driving In Your Car With A New 55114 Aluminized Superflow

The 55114 Aluminized Superflow , a great performance muffler made by Gibson Performance Exhaust is a nice item for your car. It's dimensions are 5"H x 23"L x 10"W. To see the great deal I came across, click on our affilate button on this page.

gibson performance exhaust aluminized superflow universal

Today's Price: $92.25
Publisher: Gibson Performance Exhaust
Model: 55114
UPC: 677418020861

Product Info

Gibson's Universal Overall performance Mufflers for high performance vehicles delivers optimum power for the pavement. Gibson's muffler in fact tunes your exhaust by utilizing resonance chambers, directional louvered tuning ports and angular induction to draw exhaust gases into the muffler and expel it at a greater velocity. Available in heavy duty aluminized steel or high good quality stainless steel. Fully welded solid internal construction. The result is a muffler that doesn't have packing to put on out, however delivers more power and a deep powerful sound.

  • Pack: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 5" Length: 23" Depth: 10"
  • Package: Height: 5" Length: 22" Width: 10"
  • Package Weight: 13.45 lbs.

Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty

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